Announcement: Dead Letter Radio Podcast


I'm really pleased to announce to announce that one of my poems 'Edge' Has been featured on episode 1 of the brand new Podcast, Dead Letter Radio

Update: I’m happy to announce that another of my poems ‘At Sea has been featured on episode 7 of Dead Letter Radio.

This podcast is a passion project by someone who loves poetry and creative writing and has a desire to discover writing by new writers and help make their work available to a wider audience. It's a wonderful project as the host really understands the feelings of vulnerability in submitting work, and therefore wants to keep the podcast open to anonymous submission. When we were talking about the first episode they said to me 'For me, writing has always felt so personal, to have someone read it is as if I'm being stripped bare... The idea of this podcast came around originally for those like me... who maybe not quite ready to put their name out there... The idea began to grow. To me, it looks like, by sharing people's art... listeners could relate, not feel alone, relax, have a different perspective, and maybe even be encouraged or inspired.'

You can see here the host's passion for art and for sharing, which is something I am really happy to get behind and be a part of. You can also hear some of the hosts own inspiring poetry in this first episode. This is a new podcast so give it a listen, discover some great writing and do subscribe to it here, or Spotify, or on Apple podcasts, leave a review and help get the word out. 


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