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Where Things Change.

This is the celebration of:
the hinge of history;
the spine of the book of the universe;
the apex of the temple of the presence of God.

Throughout history
Humanity has been lost, we have been known by our selfishness, and by our cruelty to humanity.
The myth of progress only serves to make one culture feel superior.

But this is where things change.
The thick skin of calloused sin is broken and dissolved by the creator; redeeming filthy flesh by becoming  what we can now become through him.

This is where things change.
His un-stainable surface sticks out from within the landfill of sin
in every uncompromising step he communicated: God's love; The personality of the creator; Freedom from judgement; Emancipation from slavery of selfishness; Humanities' purpose; And healing from pain.

This is where things change.
In his death he becomes submerged but never drowns.


It could be you:

Emptying hands
search brickwork
for the blood of these
consumerist streets.

This town is pebble-dashed
with lies of promise, bookies thriving on children's food with whispers of a code to be cracked and pour out coin solutions.

It could be me:
No choice went into forging the memories of abuse that desperate lips try to suffocate with smoke from a thousand fully laden gauzes.
That poison hardens arteries and blocks tear ducts. The survival mechanism of bolting emotions inside fallout shelter skull is slowly decomposing the mind beneath, which was nurtured by bloody knuckles and angry lust. So don't be so surprised that it’s all suppressed.

It could be me, you, anyone:
Every tragic death thrust upon juvenile memories, the guilt and anger of every heartbreak, all leaves open wounds and bleeding people without loving medicine of embrace can only douse the traumas in numbing spirits.
Without the selfless and organic structure of family fulfilling what our Father intended; that loving kindness of wa…


I wanted to look out
from the edge of the world
and feel the weight of
a thousand miles of ocean
breaking against my toes.

I wanted to look out, to fearlessly stand on overhanging cliff face, adding to the nothing before me with my breath.
I wanted to look out from the flat of my back at the immeasurable depth of the blackness between the stars, all thinly veiled in our life-parcel atmosphere.

Give me distance:
so I can taste the untampered air of the sea;
so I can see a thousand peaked horizon reverberating the globe before my feebly observing eyes;
so I can be pinned to the earth by starlight, who's heat and fury is refracted by lightyears to become peace and beauty.

Give me sea, give me mountains, give me stars, and keep your phoney medicine.