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Father, Forgive Them

'Two others also, who were criminals, were led away to be put to death with him.'

Calendar's rhythm thuds.
The kick drum rattles your rib cage
As collective memories and communal routines
Plume like dust from that undulating skin.
.....You must wrap gifts in superfluous paper,
.....That's tradition. .....Yet repeating acts to underline thankfulness, .....That's superstition. Calendar's rhythm thuds And we bellow through that dust cloud, Clearing our throats and averting our eyes. THUD For the drum announces the sales THUD The rhythm is the anthem of vacation gifts. So discard the old and ugly, To find the beauty, To spend and to own. 

'They came to the place that is calledThe Skull'
Excited skin bristles. Chill shivers the spine in want For purpose and ergonomics dim in contrast To the lights, and the efficacious movement of the crowd. .....So much spectacle, .....All these plate glass doors, .....Are diamond pimples covering the  .....Universal symbol of death. Excited skin bri…