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Displaced Redemption

There was a world,
displaced from its axis by
repeated tragedies of its own making,
as the inhabitants attempt to grasp
the credit for it's own creating.
An entire macrocosm misaligned by embezzling clutches and throning lusts. Who's history is marked by a needless taking, and just in case, a pious faking to appease a possible divinity as either a patsy or a machine. There was a world, decomposing in it's own folly. Spinning itself dizzy flailing after impervious redemption.
And inside that world there was a people displaced from its milk and honey by a ruling superpower. As the globalising tar of Rome spread to paint the Empire one culture, this people had been waiting. Listening in silence for the reason of their plight, Waiting for the sword of a rallying leader to severe their shackles, and the throats of the chain-bearers, alike. Waiting with the same attitude that inspired the silence, a misunderstanding of what it is to be chosen. For the planned restitution exceeds one people. They…