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Hot Disappointment

Sullen pestilence gnaws tunnels through my foundations
like expanding cracks in pressurised glass. I lose my symmetry. Hot disappointment dances these wrinkles between my eyebrows. And I'll never again 
complain of boredom.
In this cell, I am the nucleus.
Echoes of my past bite my skin in all directions to manipulate an exclusive existence
and tear me asunder. Hot disappointment patronises and accuses, my effort is insufficient; I cannot duplicate myself and this cell. I must be one.
Existential sedatives delicately massage my unrelenting questions into uneasy slumber, and the stimulants release exhaust in genius foghorn complaints. Hot disappointment singes my jealousy in the latest realisation that the cure is better than any symptom anaesthetic and the cure wants to talk, always.
Beloved sorrow sharpens teeth and nails at the parting of every friend, pupils still sparking questions and answers<


There's a dissonance in the rain,tiny moments of silence interrupted by repeating aqueous impact, then running into streams; the capillary veins to the sea-sky heart, and out to the artery clouds. The earth respires in water and everything can breathe.

Written May 2011.

I Have Missed the Sun

I have missed the sun:

softening the pavements
with blissful warmth;

enticing petals to open
and expose their reproduction
in splayed peacock beauty;

immediately splicing
reels of nostalgic summers,
ice cold beers and fascinating fires,
projecting them red 
through closed eyelids;

pulsing a single tear,
the best kind of tear,
from the well of appreciation
to tenderly evaporate from skin cheeks;

Causing what was dull to glisten
and deepening every colour with respiration
and the smell of photosynthesis;

re-igniting the love of water
that shocks the throat with cold,
suspending the need to breathe
so one may fully appreciate
all that is reflected and absorbed;

somehow diminishing stresses and concerns
in the truth of essential relaxation.


I have missed the sun.

(inspired by Vitamin D)

Written on that first really sunny day in April 2011.