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Illusive and Ambition

Illusive and Ambition

There are things that move in front of my eyes
That refuse to disclose
But insist on blocking my view
And changing my perceptions

I want to reach the horizon
Peer out and look over the edge
But I could
Just lie on my back and stare at the stars
It’s just the same when you living on a sphere

The things in front of my eyes
Are hiding behind a wall
Of sight
An interactive poster picture of reality
I want to tear it down and see

I want to climb the tallest building
And shout out another’s poem
But more would hear
If I silently type, upload and publish
Its just the same when people stay inside

The things that hide behind my sight
Are closer than the things I see
Softer than a still-leaf breeze
Speaking nothing of self-disclosure

I want to re-live every moment
When I have ever laughed
All at once
And take a year away from everything
To do nothing but laugh at myself

The things that hide behind my sight
Disguise themselves as
New surroundings
A mirage of purpose …