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Jerusalm to Emmaus

What morbid confusion!
The sorrow of life's ambition:
The hopelessness of purpose:
with even the resolve of a grave:
taken away.
Nothing to do now, but
kick stones on dusty paths
and wander...

How can you not know
the tragedy of innocent death,
how are you not grieving
for this diseased world
has killed truth,
and we are but dismembered limbs.


You are staring at hope
through hopeless eyes,
He HAD to choose to endure
and not be spared
the bitterness of every dying breath,
he HAD to choose
the un-walkable route
paving it with his blood,
illuminating it with his
enduring life.
He alone provides a hope
that is more final than death.


And with this fire within us
evaporating the vast
waters of bitter loss
There is nothing to do but
tell others,
rejoice with our brothers
and follow the path that he laid,
for all else is meaningless,
and a chasing after the wind.

What candescent joy!
In the revealing of his enduring life
and coherent salvation
that could not be extinguished
in th…

Realising Easter

There is something in this nothing,
this sorrowful gasp,
this fast of disbelief.
For the wave of excitement
never expects the desert or death.

Loss amnesia extracted
memories of hope, hopeless insomnia gouged through rest with nihilist emptiness, yet purpose is enduring and truth is still breathing, despite every miss-belief and projections of human limitations.
The truth of the pain is this; there is more than a consolation in this death. There were whispers of victory in the wind; but the noise of mourning drowned out its tender premonitions.
There is something in this nothing, something more than consolation in this loss, this sorrowful gasp. How is one supposed to breath in this space between death and life? this Sheol on earth? this furrowed brow of question-mark day between redemption and vindication? How is one supposed to breath, eat or sleep in this vacuous void?
What emptiness there was without expectation, because no matter what prophecy something this new could never be anticipated in finite minds.
For w…