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I am disappearing,
down into the linen
that caresses my body
as my mind criss-crosses,
chasing through meandering crises
of nocturnal fabrication.

I am full of hope, and dread... and whispers. Soft chalk runs out before the lesson is learnt. I was truant anyway, day dreaming of summer.
I am disappearing into something, yet I still see my shuffling footprints, scoring a perforation through this continuum;
a seam to tear and a void to feel expanding. Fields of livestock and houses of television faces, all lost in the gap that is left. It is potential hidden in false humility.
I am disappearing, if I fight it I sever the umbilical cord that attaches me to my Father. It is an artery, with flow too fast to cauterise.
I would disappear in the dirty needles and forgotten-butt fires. Lucid, as I feel my significance hang its head from my skin