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Four Walls

There are new scars this morning.
All on the soles of your feet.
Hazy steps, shrouded in dream
Leave discomfort for the walking

Darkness stings your eyes like citrus
Premature expectation of light.
Open your window and cold breathe blows over your shoulders
Like a restful lover

Gloating in your loneliness

There are new scars this morning,
And the world has learnt to hate them.
The marks of beautiful healing
Blemishes blank canvas.

Experience screams at sound proof glass.
It’s easier this way
There are broken shells outside,
Broken shells and lost keys.

You; alone, gloating from inside.

Written late July 2010.

The Life Beneath

The ivy of subculture
Clings onto this vessel of life,
Its leaves sometimes
Hide the truth
That was planted by
An act of selfless release
And painful victory;
One mediator
Who slices a path through the
Walls of this impossible maze
Of sin and confusion

The truth of communication
With divinity is the life beneath
And it will outlast the ivy!

In this poem, the 'ivy' is Christian-subculture growing on and clinging to the truth beneath. Christian sub-culture is not the same as the kingdom of God, it is not the same as Christianity. This reflection can also be applied to institutional Christianity, growing and in many ways distorting the view of the truth that lies beneath. Instituational Christianity is not the same as the kingdom of God either. Written at the Soul Survivor festival, August 2010.


A Peace that is deeper the circumstance.

A peace rooted not in temporal tribulations
no matter how important they may be,

But a peace with its foundations
in the soil of a kingdom to come.

A peace irremovable from
the divine persons of its source.

An everlasting peace of inexhaustible supply
and eternal consequence.

A peace that can permeate in the heat of the battle
or be absent in the midst of earthly contentment.

A peace demonstrated by nails and blood
and proclaimed in forgiveness and love,
that stands again after torture and death
demonstrating power and strength,
that then breathed communicating breath
throughout years of persecution,
was made known through scars that do not seek retribution,
and still lives despite selfish contortion and religious convolution.
A peace instilled in us and made known to us
so that we may make it known,
so we may give as it was to us:

Not as the world gives.

Exploring the depth and breadth of the meaning of the Hebrew word 'Shalom' usuallly…