I wanted to look out
from the edge of the world
and feel the weight of
a thousand miles of ocean
breaking against my toes.

I wanted to look out,
to fearlessly stand on
overhanging cliff face,
adding to the nothing before me
with my breath.

I wanted to look out
from the flat of my back
at the immeasurable depth
of the blackness between the stars,
all thinly veiled in our life-parcel atmosphere.

Give me distance:

so I can taste
the untampered air
of the sea;

so I can see
a thousand peaked horizon
reverberating the globe
before my feebly observing eyes;

so I can be
pinned to the earth by starlight,
who's heat and fury
is refracted by lightyears
to become peace and beauty.

Give me sea,
give me mountains,
give me stars,
and keep your phoney medicine.

Written on Monday 04/03/12


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