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The Vine and the Branches

Photograph of a vineyard in Les Cévennes, by Silje Lilly. Taken in July 2017.

John 15:1-8
Gleaning grapes before October storms,
the vines are ancient fingers, deathly-dry and knotted digits. bark-scarred with the wisdom of growing. They are crowned with a branchy vibrancy, of greenery, naivety and fertility.
The miracle of the vine and the branches is the fruit.
The credulous branches, are trusted to bear the weight of the yield, their green luminescence is continually fed by the vine that looks like deadwood.  A Lamb looking as though it had been slain.

I wrote this poem in the Autumn of 2016 while I was in a vineyard on the outskirts of Montpellier, where Silje and I live, in the south of France. We were picking grapes after the harvest and enjoying time reading and writing in the autumn sun. Silje took the photo in July 2017 while in another vineyard in Les Cévennes, a short drive north.
Time and again, since moving to Mediterranean France in 2015, I have read biblical imagery of nature while…