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It Always Costs Someone

Grace stands above
A city of caricatures,
She is proud of her skin,
-Not despite, but because of her scars
She looks down and sees distortion.

Grace waits alone next to the rails
For unspecified trains
And unsuspecting breath,
-Steady and comfortable
She will make them gasp when she is recognised.

Grace lies and listens to her name,
The way it is flung around
Is corrosive to her motivation,
-She is already spent
Still willing to lay down more.

Grace stands aghast and horrified
Unable to break through sediment layers
Of expected ease, because
-She has been so misunderstood,
Slandered by those that claim her.

Grace sits, tired and grey
Exhausted by rumours of her impertinent relations.
‘Lies’ she whispers like heavy water;
-Destruction for those who assume
To have found a cheep way out of it all.

Grace calls follow.
You can’t have her if you watch her leave.

Written September 2010


I can see these needles;
They look like extravagant splinters,
And they consume as they expel.

Something worth saying got stuck
At the clouded window,
And the possibility of change
Just rebounds off the padded walls
Of a comfort cell.

All the best efforts
Mean nothing without success

I can see determination,
It’s as clear as it is difficult to maintain.
Elegance, cleanliness and articulated feelings,
All contained in his shattered reflection.

Dragging his feet in the need of rest;
Swimming beneath the surface is almost
As tiring as climbing out,
And waiting to dry.

Scrapping every week the cycle ends in relapse.
All is nihilism unless you achieve.
No more can he believe himself
That the ashes between his toes are white sands.
Somatic expulsion leaves
Stains of everything promised, again.

In the week, his thoughts mimic hope,
Yet everyday, he knows he’s soon to loose it.
Time moves on but man’s state stays the same.

The wisdom of the aged is only amassed
By those who can remember their days,
And self-esteem is hid…

Could he be Bukowski?

Same poison;
Ever present in his veins,
His eyes are concentric circles of pain and confusion,
Splintered with red cracks of excess and exhaustion.

Vomit and diarrhoea,
Between the manic anti-establishment,
And the depressed reality, that this establishment exists to serve.

Shattered ice;
Lacerating the throat of some that cure
And melting into nothing of any substance,
But his scrawlings have more impact than his breath.

An insight;
Into the flesh bravado
Genuine sociology meets conspiracy theory,
Paranoid maybe, but silently honest about it.

He is more than uncooperative;
Elegantly pitiful and endearingly anti-social,
Could he be, a Bukowski?

Written September 2010

Integrity and Ignorance

Snakes inhale clouds of incongruous trade
An elegant contrast
Made available by the finger tips
Of latex gloves in the stomachs
Of the desperate.

And they have the stomach to make decisions
That affect other people?

Lean against an exposed nerve
And the pain is masked by pleas of ignorance,
But there is one revealing question,
Will this blinding ignition influence decision?
Will revelation cause change?

Will, as good as dead serpents sprout legs
And breathe life,
And exchange poison for water?
Written September 2010.
This was written while reflecting on people I know who by fair trade, are vegans, but also use cocaine. There is no such thing as fair trade cocaine! It was probably harvested under terrible conditions and almost definitely smuggled into the country, in a pouch made from the fingertip of a latex glove, or a condom, in the stomach of a poor and desperate drug mule. That just seemed a little incongruous to me.