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Refugees Not Migrants (or Human-beings not Labels*)

When another's border is opaque,
windows blocked with the coagulated death
of hopeful escapees,

reinforcing our borders 
is a reinforcement of that death.

When political concern prioritises 
the comfort of British holiday-makers
over the survival and humanity of an other,

we commit atrocities.

But we want, need our distractions,
excuses to turn our heads
so Cameron, please don't mention refugees. 

When he speaks of 'illegal migrants'
to refer to people who 
face death at home 
and are cleaved from their soil,
face death on their own borders 
and burrow beneath detection,
face death on the Mediterranean 
praying to stay buoyant through squalls and over sharks,
face imprisonment in Europe
and attempt to assimilate as they climb north,
face death in the dysentery of the glass-ceiling-camp of Calais
and wait and wait not allowed to move forward or turn back,

he knows he speaks of refugees
and he lies.

When Cameron's solutions, 
Britain's solutions
are building fences,
strengthening borders,