Where Things Change.

This is the celebration of:
the hinge of history;
the spine of the book of the universe;
the apex of the temple of the presence of God.

Throughout history
Humanity has been lost,
we have been known
by our selfishness,
and by our cruelty to humanity.

The myth of progress
only serves to make
one culture feel superior.

But this is where things change.

The thick skin of calloused sin
is broken and dissolved
by the creator;
redeeming filthy flesh by becoming 
what we can now become
through him.

This is where things change.

His un-stainable surface sticks out
from within the landfill of sin

in every uncompromising step
he communicated:
God's love;
The personality of the creator;
Freedom from judgement;
Emancipation from slavery of selfishness;
Humanities' purpose;
And healing from pain.

This is where things change.

In his death he becomes submerged
but never drowns.
Like trying to douse
the sun in ocean,
it's sin and death that are
being evaporated from existence,
and all that will be left
is union with the loving
originator of it all.

This is how things change!

He stoops into this matter.
He kneels to wash sullied feet.
He is beaten prostrate by whips and nails,
and in victorious mercy
he sinks into the tomb
having won a confusing battle.

This is how things change!

He shatters to rubble
the covered cave of death.
He pierces through the atmosphere
and breathes heaven's personality
into our nostrils
to make a home
for the Spirit
in our hearts.

This is how things have changed!

He is projected above the universe
as a banner of everlasting
love and grace.

So what can we do but
worship with joy and tearful thanks
for all the refuse
from which we have been redeemed,

And for the depth of freedom
and union with the holy, unattainable, 
untameable and uncontainable Father.
A union which, by his death and rising,
he has made possible.

A poem written for the Easter day service at my church about the significance and implications of the resurrection of Jesus.


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