L'étang de l'Or

Your hair is blonde it reflects
In green flecks, the grass
As the water does the sky.

At the end of the damp sand
And the water of dusty clouds
You talk to the ripples and the bubbles
Dropping shells in the lapping.
You talk the same language of expression
For this is the calm constancy of l'étang
Not the constant change of crashing waves.

Beneath a sunset that marks us
With a strong desire to remain
I see it reflected in the turquoise
of you eyes, a minute flame.
In the water, the sun's bridal dress 
Drapes an enormous fiery train
And proudly L'étang de l'Or 
Bares its burnished name.

L'étang de l'Or, probably best translated as 'The Golden Marsh', is a large marshy lake between Mauguio and the Mediterranean Sea. This week I walked there with my son and we played at the waters edge before watching the sunset.


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