Announcement: Beyond Words Literary Magazine, plus a word on 'Home' & homelessness.

I am very proud to announce that my poem 'Home' has been published In the June 2020 Issue of Beyond Words Literary MagazineBeyond Words is an international online journal of contemporary creative writing, photography and art. The edition is jammed full of beautiful art and photography, and deeply inspiring creative writing. Click here to purchase access to a digital copy. To order print copies click here and scroll to the bottom of the home page.

My poem 'Home' is inspired by both my experiences working with the homeless and recently moving homes. I try to explore the nuances of the meanings of the word home, which is more than a physical place (a house, flat, tent etc.) but, at the same time, is very importantly such a physical place. We can romantically say to our partner 'you're my home!' with a certain poetic truth, but it is an insufficient concept of home. We need a place in which we are home. I can't be my wife's home if we have no place to live or if we are forced to move every couple of months. My Poem starts with the lines:

Home has no concrete definition
Only further abstract descriptors

And continues to explore and search for a definition, albeit poetic, that doesn't neglect the necessarily physical nature of home. Here's a video reading of the poem, also made for Beyond Words Literary Magazine.

If you want to know more about the importance of housing rights you should follow my friend James Boultbee on twitter. He's the CEO of Wycombe Homeless Connection and is doing some really important and exciting work. Also check out the website and twitter of New Hope, the Watford Homeless charity for which I used to work, who also provide a great service for the homeless. If you don't live near Watford or Wycombe in the UK, check out your local homeless charities, they need extra support during the current crisis!


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