A Close Horizon

The Horizon looms closer
than the edge of vision,
or the curvature of the earth,

and the sky's third dimension
stretches miles beyond the land,
empty of clouds and stars.

It draws me with compulsion,
this great nothingness of
the edge of all things.

I'm sick of things,
of bits and pieces,
they get into your skin.

They lie of necessity
and draw themselves out
across your walls,

In front and in the way
of every view of nature
you've had the opportunity to see.

I want to peek over the edge
and experience that
desperate lack of things.

Tomorrow (4th May 2015) My wife and I will be moving from Northwest London to the South of France. I have been living in this area for almost eight years, since I started university, and have never lived away from the UK, so this is a big change for me. This is something I wrote last month, whilst making preparations to go. When you pack your life into boxes you realise how much 'stuff' you have that you don't need. As part of this move I am endeavouring to live a less materialistic life and be able to see creation without things blocking my view!


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