Old fashioned values
have always been that way.

Trace their timeline
and draw a boring horizon
onto the edge of the world.

Harking back through nostalgic echoes
of echoes, of echoes,
of dreams of graspable innocence.

We've dug up the debauchery
of the previous generation's
secret sordid rooms,

and embraced them as our banner, our emblem,
and the seal of this empire.

We live inside 'obsessive lusts'
without the pretence of curtains
to keep the darkness private.

It is the yearning for release
of this ever receding
satisfied feeling

that we keep locked inside
the lie of hedonistic happiness.

It is through this harking back
in nostalgic echoes of dreams
of old fashioned values

that have been old fashioned
since the serpent's first deception.


I guess this is my response to a culture that embraces and glorifies the 50 Shades of Grey. The popularity of that franchise is symptomatic of a deeply disturbed society, and the most disturbing thing is that it is labelled as being 'enlightened', 'open-minded' to accept and embrace such feculence. However, this symptom is not new and neither is the disease it demonstrates.


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