Even on this boat,
on this fjord,
there is someone
looking at a screen.

Oblivious to the passing beauty
that will outlive our LCD: our acid
and our own synapses.

Overfamiliarity is no excuse.

I got burnt today,
in the wind below
where the dregs
of slowly melting snow
are the glacial prints,
where ice age fingers
were dragged towards
the permanent peace
in narrow streams.

I got burned by beauty
that leapt from the sun
and was magnified by
every contour,
every millilitre of pure water,
every centimetre of distance travelled,
every knot of speed,
and every quark of every atom
of every cell of my love's
generous and radiant being.

Beauty leapt from the sun,
was magnified in those
obscenely majestic ricochets,
and left me burnt and tender.

The Spirit hovers
over the deepest fjord
in silent sparks
and seemingly random
flashes of purpose.

If you let the collisions burn you tender,
those sparks will pierce your skin
and whisper misty, wooded
secrets to your future,
breathing on the embers
of your engine
to catch and flicker,
and grow and roar

But if you freeze your exterior
with blackened windows of glitz and litter,
the sparks merely irritate your periphery
as your engine's embers slowly
fade into technology, and die
in the efficiency of the lifeless digital,
and the safety of ambition-less goals.

shut down your screen,
go outside,
and feel.

You cannot become overfamiliar
with the architect of these deep waters,
the one who set the sparks
that silently and politely shouts

Shut down your screen,
Go outside,
and feel.”

This June, while visiting some wonderful friends in Bergen, my amazing fiancé Silje took me on Sognefjord for my birthday. Sognefjord is Norway's deepest and longest Fjord and this really was 'the trip of a lifetime'. The ferry took us the five and a half hour journey from Bergen through the length of Sognefjord, to Fl
åm... and back again. Although we were on the boat for over eleven hours the time flew by because the mountains, the water, the air, the sky and the quaint villages made the most breathtaking scenery and atmosphere. We were about nine and a half hours though our journey when I noticed someone on their laptop, with their headphones in, watching something 'entertaining'. I wrote this there and then... not only as a criticism of someone watching a screen in that enchanting place, but also as a celebration of the beauty of creation, and the overwhelming vibrance of that day.


  1. Hi Pete, love this,
    They really spoiled your day, and your poem,



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