Approaching Death with Open Eyes.

Glancing in toxic, hated
and simmering shadows.

Scolding these curious claws,
clattering tarmac in retreat.

Always open.
Fixated onto logical arguments
of crescendo victory.

Volume defeats thought
with every drop of poison.

Still open.
In determination, just if I can
taste another day of this dirt,

but delay is denial of the basics and
death becomes you whilst you're still warm.

Forced open.
Fear of being in truce with
your unwanted images,

illuminated eyelids never stop
with those twisted faces.

Half open.
Well, come in to my
chasing exhaustion.

Movement should be left
to the animals that pursue me.

Wide open.
Start yelling suspected memories
at my silhouette

my spine bends with the slats
of this palate that is my solace.

Perpetually open.
I may jinx my survival
with hoping for harbour

But this ocean has been licking at
my soars for three eternities already.

Blindly open.
Crushing doors are not seen because
distractions dance on my corneas.

Foetal, like sleep, not stirring
as blindness envelopes my every member

Left open.
Rest or execution? 
You will never know my final act, 

lost to that decomposition 
of five days undiscovered.

Still my neighbours stir at morning birdsong
and complain against the blooming smell of my passing.

Written late 2013.
Written as part of my reflecting on people I know who have passed away after struggling with addictions.

I recently learnt that what I tried to do in this poem is use a 'mondegreen' in each stanza to communicate something more of the essence of the poetry behind the words. The definition of mondegreen according to is 'a word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.' ... so maybe a deliberate mondegreen is an oxymoron... but hey, this is my version of 'mondegreen poetry', and I felt it needed a video to help communicate it, so if you read it watch the video as well.


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