All discontent is worn
and weighed with miry
attraction for the other
and the other.

That is something
I have never understood.
It's all spilling from vagrant's gutters,
simultaneously infiltrating
homes with nomad and
emptying tents of move.

Your properties may just
be heavy earrings,
but they could house
a desperate man
without the luxury of time
to spare on discontent.

Written late August 2013. An observation that feelings of material discontentment are usually had by those with enough to not be completely preoccupied with survival. I was reading Steinbeck's 'Winter of our Discontent' when I wrote this, which is a tragic masterpiece and you should read it.

Also this is a song by Listener, which is expressing something similar, I think... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f25CEMbHrqM


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