CREATE - look forward to being remade

Crayon fingers clasp
at the pictures
of another's mind.

Leaving you to
salivate over
silhouettes of
broken pieces
of conversation:

chiming a
random anthem
as they settle
in the sad
of silent fragments,

and I want to hide
from the ocean
beneath the sand
of the coastline
you fashioned
with those crayon fingers.

Rain peppered beaches
sigh moments of fresh water
at the salt of the
inhalation waves.

It waves me farewell to your listening.

So make a water world
of your speaking
and dream the abyss
of walls away.

Contact your
forgotten ambition
in the misassembled
shapes of frozen water
and draw what you see
in your own contrition

taste the flavours
that your art
tried to achieve

and feel the purity 
of all dimensions of this creation
as it awaits the artist's restoration:

injecting pure colour
into the hearts
of each willing figure
of this moving canvas

and sharpening our fingers
to draw new life,
as we learn to breathe
in living liquid
and finally feel at home.

Written August 2013. 


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