Snow + Skin

Layers fall like
people's skin,
yet the unstained
smooth carpet
is true beauty.

Crises salt
chasms of blackness
into that frozen makeup,
and you can see the bruised childhood
whimpering between
thick bravado and humour.

Layers fall like
people's skin
yet these guises
all smell like
burning plastic.

Winter preserves bare branches,
ready for young leaves to simultaneously sprout
as this white veil is pulled back by rain and sun,
and the naked earth
can breath with those
green buds again.

Layers fall like
people's skin,
yet unlike public rind
the unstained snow
is true beauty.

Written in January 2013. Written while looking at the beauty of the snow and thinking upon those I work with and how deeply hurt many of them are... Snow covers the life of the earth and it's vegetation like the layers of masks worn by those who silently suffer. The snow is beautiful, but the deceptive masks are one of the biggest barriers to wholeness and healing. 


  1. Deep (and crisp and even!) A very insightful piece of writing.


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