The following is a poetic reflection on the Lord's Prayer...

Remove the weights that pull our eyes to ground
so that we may begin with you, our all.

In Heaven,
Up: out of the minds reach,
above all it is that may come between
persons created for your unity.

Your name,
is so much more important than our names,
even its sound is righteousness and light,
may we not cheapen it with venal voices.

Your rule,
here it should be as tangible as there,
equip and anoint us,
so that we may be your ambassadors.

My needs are simple,
but as the affluent west cracks and splinters
We trust you to feed your feeble servants.

Forgiveness: The essence of salvation
the only way for us broken pieces
to retain heart and continue breathing.

Enable it in us
to forgive as radically
as the pain pierced man of innocent service
and ultimate authority.

Temptations: They all
fade in the reminiscence of your light.
Please keep you in our view, help us stay clean.

Holding you in sight, conserve us from dread
for your deliverance is as assured
as is your resurrection from the dead.

All is yours!
all power, glory, wisdom, hope and strength.
All love, authority and everything
that cannot be expressed in written line,

We live to praise as you alone are worthy
for all our days and onto eternity.

Written throughout February 2012.


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