Personified hope

bleeds a new type of blood

that changes everything.

Day whispers the beauty of solar warmth 
to its successor,

and night learns the depths of starry wisdom from its predecessor,
each reminding this self-conscious sphere
of the glory of our creator.

But every day we slightly mishear,

each distortion is magnified by years, 

each childlike age chews at its own flesh in fear

each, confused by pain searches the skies for answers,

Because everything has its orbit.

Yet The Originator of it all stooped into this cell structure
and was born with a guiding proclamation from the sky,
he stepped inside matter and was tangible for evermore,
he stretched out feeble infant-limbs
with all the body's nerve endings to truly feel.

The Originator grew in potent purifying grace;
so putrid to a distorted universe
that his life of self-less giving and shameless truth
lead to gratuitous and agonising crucifixion.

The Originator knew the coming cost,
and with all the body's nerve endings
he chose to stoop even to this shameful death to save.
The humble potter, considered himself as clay
and redeems a useful shape from
twisted and indistinct lumps of soil,
and from incapable fragments of former vessels.

clutching a broken glass he formed a red chalice of promise,
so drink in this melted history,
and relive the moment you were ransomed.
As the sun and stars proclaim his splendour
each sacred meal fills us with his covenant.

He is more than personified hope 

who bleeds a new type of blood

and each and every orbit is redeemed.

Because everything has its circle
And every single one is changed.

Parts were written in 2009 and parts in Jan 2013. The poem was completed on 12/01/13 to be read at a communion service at my church. This poem was written in response to reflections on communion (Luke 22:14-20) and on psalm 19. 


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