Gospel (Part 1)

Mark 1:1-11

Innocence, but not naivety;
baptised, not to be washed
but to show us how to wash.
Every footprint
is firm foundation;
hardening the fickle dirt of any other effort.

Every footprint, the only
path through miry attractions
of manufactured desire:
distractions from desire,
and pseudo fulfilment:
distractions from fulfilment.

This black tarry silt
of identity corrupted,
all fingerprints are
unique grooves of dirt.
Stained skin and aching lungs,
greedily respiring with
tasteless poison, blinding.
But he showed us how to wash

I am currently (and have been on and off for the last year and a half) writing a poetic response to the Gospel of Mark. The first part is about the baptism of Jesus which corresponds to the Matthew 3+4 so I have included it in a Bible In A Year blog that a few friends and I are keeping this year. 

You can read the poem and related reflection by clicking here: 


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