Psalm 51: Response/More than Me

This joy is not just for me.

This vindication, exceeding understanding
is expansive enough to carpet the earth in gospel.

The breath I have been given
must form words that declare
the reason for the breath
that I have been given!

What is there but to proclaim such grace?
What else could I do with such a gift
that is the solution to everyone's issue of me?

There is nothing of arrogance in this testimony,
it only involves my shame,
taken by someone other than me
in grace that has enabled everything good
that had been corrupted
to start growing again.

So I will give my every day to
witness to the degradation of my autonomous will,
to the solicitous touch that ignited my ashes to embers
to the blood that made the path
and the Spirit that keeps me glowing,
and the grace that does not refuse
a broken and contrite heart.

On 21/10/12  I preached at City of Peace Church on the Ilse of Dogs ( on Psalm 51. As part of my preparation I wrote a 3 part poem, this is the third part.


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