Psalm 51: Grace/Forgiveness/Joy.

This is not my home;
laying in the tears of my denial.
Praise the Lord!

This is not my home;
overwhelmed at my wretched nature
desperately aware of my dying body of death,
Praise the Lord!

This is not my home;
for I do not have to make
my own path through the thick forest
of titanium vines that would
consume me in consumption.
Praise the Lord!

The way has been cleared
in blood that hydrates with
a new type of growth,
dynamic and giving.

The way has been cleared
and a loving tributary reaches me
in my longing for belonging,
in my exhaustion and laziness.

I am given the motivation, the fuel,
the goal, the reason, the means,
the path, the example, the instruction,
the tender love and the firm discipline I need to go on,
in the blood that cleared the path,
and the life giving life, that followed death.
And I know joy!

On 21/10/12  I preached at City of Peace Church on the Ilse of Dogs ( on Psalm 51. As part of my preparation I wrote a 3 part poem, this first part is called Grace/Forgiveness/Joy... The third section,'Response/More Than Me' will follow in the next few days.


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