Psalm 51: Conviction/Repentace.

In a lyrical mirror, Of the word of God
I can see my rose tinted vision
and I can see beyond those lenses.

My life is deliberately layered
with perceived purity,
and I have regressed to believe the lies
of my own photoshop identity.

And there was no fulfilment
in indulgences that freeze my conscience,
that kept me hiding from myself
and convinced that I was hiding from omnipotence.
How futile.

Now the once ignored contours
of the once buried sickness are
ever before my eyes;
an eclipsing insult between
my frail selfishness
and the sovereign and supreme selflessness
who has given me all

and I can't live like that any more.
I need to be thawed to life
I need to be heated to change
I need to be blistered and burned from the dross
that would keep me dull.

On 21/10/12  I preached at City of Peace Church on the Ilse of Dogs ( on Psalm 51. As part of my preparation I wrote a 3 part poem, this first part is called Conviction/Repentance... The other 2 parts; 'Grace/Forgiveness/Joy' and 'Response/More Than Me' to follow in the next few days.


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