Self-chatter is honesty
beyond social norms,
and it is madness.
Charity is madness,
we whisper it
at the echoes of potential
most people become,
and a voice beyond a chair
is madness.
Walking is madness,
and we wish for
the easy excellence
in moving frames.
Desire is sanity
but pursing it is madness.
Both fame and contentment
are madness.
Both anonymity and influence
are madness.
Sacrifice is madness.
Consumption is genius.
How many skinny-cow famine-years
do we need to balance our BMI?
Masses are mad.
Individuals are mad.
Interface is meaning.
In truth,
the personal is where this happens,
madness can interact with madness.
All else is
broken limbs
groggy dreamless sleep.

Written early Sept 2012.
(not about the band)


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