Grace was not created,
it has always existed
within the divine,
and it started to heat up
when we started to need it.

There's broken voices,
yes bravado has banished tears
with dizzying toxins,
but these voices are broken
because someone broke them,
and there is no shame in that!

We're all hemorrhaging
from interpersonal capillaries
that have been severed at our skin.
We're getting tired
as we leek that red oxygenated liquid,
but there is still no shame in that!

And we all stumble through
these half finished streets
from one dilapidated lie of fulfilment
to the next,
this time choosing our own wounds
and exacerbating aged scars.

Yet grace is older than our broken choices
and it offers a change,
it is big enough to cover our stubbornness
and there is no shame in grace.

Written September 2012.
There is no shame in the things you cannot control.
Through grace there is a way to remove the shame of the things we can control.


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