Autonomy is a Prison

Dreams escape the skull
by waking and moving.

If you had the space
to stop and think
you'd see the seams
in the dreams
and need escape from
the facade
of internal interaction.

Fulfilment is a red herring
of purpose.
A broken filament
passes no current
and I cannot reach charge
without someone else's choice hands.

Autonomy is a prison.
Set the domino of the freedom
of locking fingers,
the pleasure of complications,
and the liberation of obligations.

Dreamer, escape your pretence
and live!

Written mid August 2012. Emphasising the importance of personal relationships, mutual belonging and self-sacrifice as what it is to be a person. Individual freedom as the goal of one's life is counter-productive, unhealthy and impossible as we are people, persons, and we belong together, making mistakes and making up, we are interpersonal beings.


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