Myth thoughts

Tall figures cast shadows
beyond the ocean,
and ominously darken
paradise islands
in hurricane hell.

Poseidon coughs
and we all get wet.

Why turn to so much blood
in your search for meaning,
let your blades blunt
with the rust of time
and think upon those patterns
of a healthier decay.

Thor is bored
of death.

Messages don't fly
they flash through fibre optics,
wings are obsolete
feathers are decorative
and paper is collectable;
a salute to inefficient communication.

Hermes is fat and prostrate,
without purpose.

We all play Zeus,
sick with arrogance,
yet ashamed we cannot
touch lightening. 

Written early June 2012, 
The poem uses ancient mythological gods to personify the natural world, warring humanity, technological development and individualistic, self-centred autonomy. 


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