'...We have done wrong, been treacherous,
despite Your promises that endure beyond human memory
and the memory of our books

we have turned and turned:
repelled by truth and pursuing degradation,
we have shed our identity like unwanted skin
and left our sinews exposed
to be pierced by the sharp edges of our own broken choices.

But You are, and have been, and will always be faithful to your promises...
this exile, this physical dislocation, is a demonstration
of your truth and your love and your staunch commitment

for we put ourselves here,
and nothing happens that you have not ordained
but we chose the curses and we chose exile
and we still have not faced you in the honesty of our filthy garments,
To be transparent, and stripped of all we are better off without...'

On Sunday 8th July I preached on Daniel 9:1-19. I wrote this as I was preparing. The poem focusses on the confession of Daniels prayer verses 5-14.


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