Sustain in me a willing spirit.

I've asked for the joy
so many times,

But it's only gone when
the spirit is unwilling
and I exit salvation to
my own shame,
and pain.

What is this indulgence
in degradation?
Why must I not delight
in the fruits of cleanliness,
honest study of truth and
its symbiotic counterpart;
love, from which it will not be prised?

So for the sake of the joy
of walking in salvific truth
and with the endless reserves
of the love with which
I was bought and freed,
grant in me a willing
and generous spirit
that my steps may bring you joy.

A poetic reflection on Psalm 51:12 written 30/05/12. Please listen to my spoken word and musical interpretation: (also please excuse the poor timing on the guitars at points)


  1. Nice one! Like the music. Should the verb "pried" actually be "prised"?

  2. Yes, yes it should, thanks pa... chaging it now!


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