Denial of Entropy

This total aversion to movement
has left the vehicle drifting
because You are not contained in
static, solid, stability.

Just hit this wall and see it move
see it bleed and hear it weep,
as it knows it cannot grow,
only slowly crack
and fall apart.
Denial of entropy is exhausting
and accepting it is death...
and the middle ground indecision
is a twisting of rumours
and a whispering of fact.

The context of these chaotic patterns
is one of a wider purpose.
Revel in the insignificance of what is
universally observable,
and know that they are but
measly matter in a reality
that is under divinity,
spheres within spheres of acceptance and denial.
-so here we are...
standing still, plummeting
and breathing

Written October 2011


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