I Have Missed the Sun

I have missed the sun:

softening the pavements
with blissful warmth;

enticing petals to open
and expose their reproduction
in splayed peacock beauty;

immediately splicing
reels of nostalgic summers,
ice cold beers and fascinating fires,
projecting them red 
through closed eyelids;

pulsing a single tear,
the best kind of tear,
from the well of appreciation
to tenderly evaporate from skin cheeks;

Causing what was dull to glisten
and deepening every colour with respiration
and the smell of photosynthesis;

re-igniting the love of water
that shocks the throat with cold,
suspending the need to breathe
so one may fully appreciate
all that is reflected and absorbed;

somehow diminishing stresses and concerns
in the truth of essential relaxation.


I have missed the sun.

(inspired by Vitamin D)

Written on that first really sunny day in April 2011.


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