Some of these questions
break apart on impact,
and some penetrate;
hollowed darts injecting deathly poison,
injecting rescuing medicine.

Life-saving doubt defibrillates
with pulses of reality
from a zealous coma,
so one can grow.
Do not fear the weight
or the stone will have
already crushed you.
Lift it and proceed,
grow strong.

Questions scaffold
the steps of covenant
and it all makes sense.
Talk across the whispered answers
to find yourself alone,
there's not even sand
in this desert.
Sedative nerves trap
stimulated eyes
which dart from
vacuum to abyss.
There's no progress for content
in monologue;
Only for presentation.

Listen to the answers,
explore the essential taboo
of questions until,
apprehension no longer
cracks your voice with
conditioned guilt
and it becomes,
merely the way you live,
and love.

Grow with questions.

Written 05/04/11.


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