Chasing Illustrations

Grey expectations on
A morning such as this
Your children are all chasing dreams
With their teeth and their fists.
‘oh that’ll come to no good’,
You say from over there
Up on your pedestal
Behind your desk, on your cushioned chair.

But they’ll taste fortune in freedom
You cannot know
Because all your trinkets in their eyes
Are temporary like the snow

Jumping through windows and
Braving starvation
Because it is better than this poison
That kills with comfortable sedation
‘oh they’re out of control
And they’re out on their own,’
But it’s too little too late
To bring them back home

Out there they’ll taste fortune
In yellow streetlight glow
Because your concerns spoken quietly,
Not loud enough for them to know,

At least they know their need,
Can you point to your lack?

At least they know their need,
That's the humility of lost children.

Written Jan 2011


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