Deity and Idols

Name your poison, divulge your idol,
declare the need to have a vice;
an obtuse excuse of shameless

From inside our transparent bubble-shells
we look at each other as pearls,
not out of appreciation
but envy.

We let our lives dissolve into nothing
in the ‘if’ and ‘when’ of happiness,
and the discontents of
empty clutter.

The mind’s lust for blood is betrayed by violence in your eyes,
but the sting of vengeance will scar
the smile of your soul as it
tears away from flesh.

Lies protect us from getting burnt when you make a fire
your home, but they will eventually melt
and fuse into
your skin.

It is better to feel the burn and move
than conceal the truth in pride.
Honesty is more pure than
claiming faultlessness.

Isolation severs external vessels from their purpose.
Independence lies about itself
saying that it holds the key
to freedom.

What can you do with this touch but take?
It’s the paradox of the sensual;
continuous reaping renders
one empty.

What can you do with this touch but give?
When you know the un-exhausted source
of all potential

Name your father. Prostrate yourself before true deity,
declare the unending human need
that excuses and arrogance
never can escape.


Forsake all else for the sake of all
and be enabled to return
into but not unto
this world.
January 2011


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