Integrity and Ignorance

Snakes inhale clouds of incongruous trade
An elegant contrast
Made available by the finger tips
Of latex gloves in the stomachs
Of the desperate.

And they have the stomach to make decisions
That affect other people?

Lean against an exposed nerve
And the pain is masked by pleas of ignorance,
But there is one revealing question,
Will this blinding ignition influence decision?
Will revelation cause change?

Will, as good as dead serpents sprout legs
And breathe life,
And exchange poison for water?

Written September 2010.
This was written while reflecting on people I know who by fair trade, are vegans, but also use cocaine. There is no such thing as fair trade cocaine! It was probably harvested under terrible conditions and almost definitely smuggled into the country, in a pouch made from the fingertip of a latex glove, or a condom, in the stomach of a poor and desperate drug mule. That just seemed a little incongruous to me.


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