Physiognamy* Of Progress

Please try to mitigate
The pained dilapidation
Digging up the roots of
Tired respiration

Exhausted painters try
To capture the essence
Of absence of substance
With out their sense of smell

Sleepy doctors are stuck
Lusting for their patients
Pillows; but time delays
Prescribed what they don’t know

Each with naturalistic
Fallacy found inside
As Hippocrates own
Assisted suicide

Oaths are hidden beneath
The filthy aim of thirst
Decadence un-defied
Collects itself and worse

Oppressing each wall with
Bloated pressure; excess
Misguided ambition
Mislabelled as success

Learned star gazers star
Motionless and the ground
Honestly asking why
In space they’re hearing sound

Unaware of the air
The lungs of men receive
You, enslaved by passion
Forget the need to breathe

Necessary numbness
Does no longer exist
Ignorance is poison
Increasing deadliness

The voiceless worker and
Anarchic protestor
Dig for myths in concrete
Whilst truth begins to fester

Grace of understanding
Both persuaded and received
Without which no concept
Of hope could be believed

*Physiognamy is the outward appearance of anything that can be taken to give insight into its character, in this case the 'progress' of Western Culture with particular focus on the current secular understanding of truth, and the effects of this understanding.

Written: November 2009


  1. I'd imagine you didn't write this in the future, where I live its still November.


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