Mr Sensate

You’ve grown into a social sickness,
An unquenchable thirst that doesn’t matter.
Nothing matters beyond the taste

Habitual past times mean
You are mildly acquainted with chemical addiction,
Nursing wounds with cautious pride;
If the wrong people see them
You might be persuaded into secret regret.

You embrace assimilation
And drown distinction in exotic colours
Whilst trying to preserve the
Importance of your opinion:
This discontinuity is not sustainable.

Contentment is in all but boredom…
Happiness only in lightness,
Hell is something deeper than your thirst
At the wrong time.
Hell is something perfectly blemished
That gets in the way of something new.

When you choose to retreat;
Sleep is either extensively over rated
Or severely under appreciated.
All else is easy come and easy go
Like the memories of an especially boring person.

All significance is fleeting perception and entertainment
But absolutes still remain important.
The celebrity relationship breakdown:
Light entertainment in television tense
Is the actual ruin of at least two people’s lives

Significance, you choose not to perceive, is still there
That is why this is unsustainable.

Written: Late July 2009


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