Announcement: Radix Magazine


I'm ecstatic and humbled to announce that one of my poems has been published in Volume 42 Number 1 of Radix Magazine. With the tagline "Where Christian Faith Meets Contemporary Culture" Radix is a hugely important and inspiring magazine, which explores art, literature, education, family, politics, and much more, in a way that ignites the imagination. 

On a more personal note, I am especially honoured to be published in Radix, as they have published three of my favourite living poets, Luci ShawScott Cairns and Malcolm Guite, Luci Shaw having been the poetry editor for many years.

The poem appearing in this issue of Radix is called 'Tribal Dance' and is part of the series 'Poems and Sonnets for the End of Modernity', five of which have already appeared in Macrina Magazine. For more about this series, check out this blog post.

This sonnet is an earthy celebration of general revelation, the imprints of the divine in creation and community, and points to the importance of taking elements within creation to taste and experience the special revelation of Christ in bread and wine. Please do check it out, read the rest of the wonderful issue of Radix magazine, and do get to know the work of Luci Shaw, Malcolm Guite and Scott Cairns!


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