Announcement: Ekstasis Magazine (Christmas Day)

I was truly honoured to have my poem 'Christmas Day' published in Ekstasis Magazine this Christmas day! 

This is the second time I have had the privilege of appearing in Ekstasis (click here to read 'for the Inklings' my other poem the published), who continue to publish wonderfully inspiring articles and poetry as part of Christianity Today's media family. Ekstasis "aims to be a kind of digital cathedral, where we can have sanctuary from the noise, and find a place that captures our attention through loving art and luminous words," and it is wonderful to be a part of this cathedral. 

I am especially humbled to see my name alongside other wonderful poets, especially two of my favourite living poets, Luci Shaw & Scot Cairns who were also published by Ekstasis in December 2021.

My poem explores how, in moments of sharing and loving, we can experience a type of transfiguration, where 'A lifetime burns in every moment' to quote the T.S. Eliot passage from the epigraph. It was written after listening to an episode of the Image podcast entitled Touching Eternity: A conversation with Scott Cairns and Malcolm Guite’. In the episode the two poets discuss creativity, time, developing understandings of literature and language, and how all this impacts church practice and Christian life. The Eliot quote was alluded to during the conversation. 

I hope you enjoy reading my poem.


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