Announcement: AGAPE Review

I'm very happy to announcement that I have had four Sonnets published in the Agape review. Started in 2021, Agape is a brand new journal that 'believes in the power of how writing connects people with each other and makes a difference.’ And I’m very pleased that they have published these four sonnets from my series ‘Poems and Sonnets for the End of Modernity’.

Kindling explores the meeting point between unanswerable philosophical questions and the open unpretentious questions of childhood.

Λόγος explores the use of this Greek word in John's Gospel and in the philosopher Heraclitus to reflect on the incarnation. Inspired largely by a sermon by the poet priest, Malcolm Guite.

The title Agricclesia comes from putting together 'Agriculture' and 'ἐκκλησία' the Greek word usually translated as 'church'. It was inspired by a lecture by the farmer, poet, activitst, intellectual Wendell Berry.

Salt is an expression of what the poetry of the psalms can give our apprehension. It was written after listening to a Podcast interview with David O. Taylor about his book on the psalms as a guide to life.


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